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YUKO theater of satire and humor

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ЮКО театр сатиры и юмора

Address: Kazybek B Street, 34.

Contact number: 8 (7252) 92-11-53, 8 (7252) 92–11–52.

Bus stop: Philharmonic station.

Distance from the station: 380 meters.

Entrance: ground parking on the left side of the theatre for 30 cars. Free of charge. Check-in from the side of the street Kazybek bi.

Parking: from the side of street Kazybek bi.

Laughter is a source of longevity and a good mood. Remember with what pleasure people tell the jokes they liked. With the same delight, they tell about performances of the theatre of satire and humor in Shymkent!

Poster of Satire and Humour Theatre in Shymkent.

The theatre's repertoire is filled with sparkling comedies, with a national color. Each production is a skillful combination of humor and everyday topics. Throughout the performance, the spectator is immersed in a light atmosphere of fun and excitement.

The main productions, so to speak, are the business cards of the theatre:

  • «Azil Shyn Aralas»
  • «Apendinine without Katyn»
  • «Aralas corralas»

The actual poster of the theatre of satire and humour is presented on Tiketon. You will also find musical productions and concert performances.

History of the formation of the theatre

In 2008, the first state theatre of satire and humor was formed on the basis of «Shanshar» team working in the humorous genre for more than 10 years and with the support of akim. The opening ceremony was attended by prominent theatrical figures such as E. Obaev, A. Ashimov, A. Sygai, D. Isabekov, and others.

At first, the troupe shared the stage with a puppet theater and then received its building. Of course, for the artists, finding their own home was a great joy, but alas, the dedicated space is not quite suitable for the needs of the theater. But even a small stage and lack of dressing rooms do not affect the fervor of artists. They are working tirelessly to create new plays and necessarily several times a year to delight their guest’s premieres.

Under the leadership of Ualibek Abdiraiymov, the artists participate in competitions and tour the region, bringing to the visited cities and towns a part of mischief and fun.

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