Акции Тикетон - Система онлайн-покупки билетов в кино и на концерты

Акции Тикетон

Try your luck by purchasing tickets for events in Astana, you will have a great opportunity to get a promo code in the amount of 3,000 tenge when ordering from 11,000 to is an online supermarket of farm goods, fresh fruits and vegetables, groceries and household goods. The order will be delivered by express delivery in 60 minutes.

And also:

  • always fresh products
  • assortment from Almaty apples to goat cheese and milk
  • products for purity Arbuz Select
  • Saving time and effort.


  • the unique promo code is valid only 1 time
  • the promotion applies to delivery in Astana

*The promotion is valid until March 31, 2024.​