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Kyzylorda Drama Theater named after Bekezhanov

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Address: Kyzylorda, Aiteke bi, 44 A

Contacts: +7 (7242) 27-67-34, 27-48-86.

Not every theatre company can boast a long history of several decades. But music and drama theater in Kyzylorda can - they are already 60 years old. That's how much the troupe celebrated at the end of 2015.

The theater itself began with amateur movement in state and collective farms. Several such enthusiastic circles have united and their first performance played in late November 1955. And the debut work was the tragedy of «Akan Seri - Aktokty» Gabit Musrepova. It was a powerful production. It immediately attracted the attention of viewers and artists. Masters of the stage were appreciated and five years later, in 1960, the theater moved to Kyzyl-Orda.

©Nurgisa Eleubekov

Already in 1967, it was named after Nartay Bekezhanov, the honored worker of arts of the Kazakh SSR, akin and composer. The present name of the group was given in 1997.

For all years of existence of the theatre of Kyzylorda many artists have received honorary titles of the Kazakh SSR and after it independent Kazakhstan. The collective itself or its separate actors repeatedly became laureates of various republican or all-Union competitions, festivals, and awards.

The Kyzylorda troupe was also noticed at the international level. For example, the theatre worthily represented our state on the 1000th anniversary of the city of Kazan. And in the recent past, artists of the Kyzylorda Music and Drama Theatre presented the play «Two Meetings in the Old House», written by Dulat Isabekov, to the London audience.

Playbill of the Bekezhanov Theatre

The company's repertoire includes a variety of productions. Over 20 of them are staged all the time. The following productions can be singled out among those that the audience particularly likes:

  • «The Extended Sultan» T. Al-Hakim's «The Spreading Sultan»;
  • «Daughter-in-law Rebellion» by S. Ahmad;
  • «Munlyk-Zarlyk» by D. Isabekov;
  • «Vampire - groom» S. Jumat;
  • «A man who does not tell the truth» S. Balgabaeva;
  • «Heavy Fate» L. Egemberdieva.

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