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State Puppet Theatre

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Address: Pushkin Street, 63.

Metro: Zhibek-Joly station.

Distance from the station: 900 meters.

Cash desk: 8 (727) 234-79-22.

Administration: 8 (727) 234-79-23.

Entrance: from the side of Pushkin Street.

Parking: opposite the theater, on the street Pushkin. Paid

Canteen: none. 

The Puppet Theatre in Almaty was founded in 1935. It is the oldest puppet theater in Kazakhstan. During its successful activity, several generations of stage workers and characteristic characters have changed. The affordable price of tickets allows everyone to attend fascinating performances during each new season.

The poster of the Puppet Theatre includes classical and modern interpretations of famous works by various world authors. You can enjoy the works of domestic and foreign masters of puppet stage art. On the stage of the theater, for all its activities, were staged such performances as: «Big Ivan», «The Tale of Tsar Saltan», «How to treat the lion's fear», «The Battle of the Forest». To implement these productions, puppets were used, which are controlled by the puppeteer and can walk on the stage, ie tablet, as well as the upper (controlled by the hand of the artist) and cane (controlled by the mechanism) dolls.

The puppet theater's collection of awards in Almaty is full of achievements. One of the last is the Grand Prix in the Best Theatre Settings and Puppet Design category at the 14th World Puppet Art Festival in Prague in 2010. Nomination «For the best director» and «For the unique reading of classics through the puppet» in the second international festival of puppet theaters «Tak-Tele» in 2017.

Puppet Theatre in Almaty

The Puppet Theatre on Pushkin is known for its famous names of directors and directors of composers and actors. Among them are such famous masters of our days as:

  • С. Makulbekov;
  • Е. Yashnev;
  • С. Abueva;
  • L. Pechorina;
  • В. Berkin;
  • К. Ilyasova;
  • D. Beisenbaev.

Tickets to the Puppet Theatre are available to everyone who wants to join the magical world of fairy tales. Regardless of age, every visitor finds something special, close, spiritual in every performance.

How to purchase a ticket to the puppet theater?

To visit the State Puppet Theatre, there is no need to queue long before the show. It is enough to use the services of the system Ticketon, where all the necessary information is collected:

  • schedule;
  • addresses;
  • phones;
  • ticket price.

You can pay for the selected places in advance directly on our website. Use Visa, Maestro, MasterCard or other convenient ways for you. Go with your children on an unforgettable journey through the fairytale worlds without any hassle!

Rules of electronic ticket use: To enter the theatre it is necessary to print the electronic ticket and show it at the entrance.


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  • Age restriction: 3+

    Age restriction: 3+

    Age restriction: 0+

    Age restriction: 0+

    Age restriction: 3+

    Age restriction: 3+

    г. Алматы, ул. Пушкина, 63

    +7 (727) 273-69-21 (касса), 273-62-29 (справочная)

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