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Centennial love

Жүз жылдық махаббатAuthor: D. Isabekov

Director: A. Kakisheva

Assistant director: B. Kazhynabieva

Artist: M. Saparov

Genre: drama

Age category: 7+

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In the life of a prominent Kazakh poet, Magzhan Zhumabayev, ahead of his time and left behind the un- diminishing spiritual heritage, a lot of white spots. In performance about the plight of the poet, who was arrested as an enemy of the people twice, spent ten years of his forty-four years of life in prison, tells the story his beloved wife Zyliha.

A man of free spirit, the author of the divine poems, "... holy glorified the aspirations of the nation, the society, the people" (M.Auezov) poet Magzhan... In spite of severe time, any difficulties Zyliha not once follow her husband, she is dedicated her life to him; to the last breath to make every effort to bring to future the descendants the spiritual heritage of the great poet... Zyliha... Their great love - an example to follow for future generations.