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Таптым. Ғашық болдым. ЖоғалттымAuthor: T. Akhmetzhan

Premiere date: November 2019

Director of Photography: Nurkanat Zhakypbay, Honored Worker of Kazakhstan

Production designer: Yerlan Tuyakov, winner of the Umit Award

Genre: musical


Dzhigit - Meirgat Amangeldin, winner of the Umit Award, the Enbek Danky medal

The girl - Nazerke Serikbolova, winner of the Umit award

A troupe of all actors on the public stage


Resting on shore of the lake’s crystal surface, young man met a girl from his crystal dreams. However, no one has yet canceled the annoying axiom of the inconceivability of the existence of True Love without real obstacles. The girl already had a chosen one, who destined for her by fate itself.

Ever both the purity of deep feelings and art will oppose such a DRAMA of being that arose before them. The more difficult it is to achieve your goal, the more desirable it becomes - this is the truth of life. In addition, over all these vicissitudes and contradictions stands, proudly towering, Her Majesty - Love.

Only the miraculous power of music can fully convey that limitless palette of human feelings, which could not express not in verbal nor written words. Sifting through the thin strings of spectator hearts, and filled with melody and riddled with sadness; this love story will not leave in indifference even one single spectator.