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«Willy Wonka's Sweet Christmas Tree» in Fort Verniy!

Welcome to the wonderful world of magic, where sweets are born out of imagination! Dear friends, we present you a Willy Wonka-style Christmas tree - A delightful combination of magic and chocolate delight!

Our Christmas tree has become much more interesting... and more mysterious! The journalist accidentally discovered something unusual: there is a forbidden ingredient in Willy Wonka's chocolate recipe! This is a secret that no one knows... so let's solve this riddle together!
Willy Wonka, the genius creator of chocolate, actually has his own plans. He wants to become better than Santa Claus and will try to capture the imagination of children with his unique chocolate!

11.30 - Hostess full-length dolls
12.00 - 13.00 - New Year's program
13.00 - 13.15 - Photo session with Santa Claus and Snow Maiden
13.15 - 13.35 - magician with animals