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инди-группа Сироткин в Астане

Venue: Astana, The Bus Music Pub, Kurgalzhinskoe highway, 3B

Date: May 11, 2023

Start: 20:00


Parking space: 

Age limit: 16+

Additionally: The Russian indie band Sirotkin, which has won the love of many fans, continues to release better and more mature music every year.


On November 11, 2022, the band presented the first LP in their career, "Shadow of the First Cloud". "The whole album should take you far away, turn you in the sky, show you dark and bright places where you haven't been before, and then bring you home. All the birds are huge and strong there, ghosts walk along the roads, endless staircases lead to the sky. And the main thing in this world is that you yourself become someone you've never been before," Sergey Sirotkin explains the concept of the release. "Shadow of the first cloud" consists of eight tracks, united by common images and mood, it turned out to be the most integral and thoughtful of all the releases of the group.