Шәмші. Астана қаласы әкімдігінің музыкалық жас көрермен театры Оралда! - Система онлайн-покупки билетов в кино и на концерты

Шәмші. Астана қаласы әкімдігінің музыкалық жас көрермен театры Оралда!

Шәмші. Астана қаласы әкімдігінің музыкалық жас көрермен театры Оралда!

Venue: Uralsk, Atameken Palace of culture

Author of the play: Madina Omarova

Premiere date: March 1, 2021

Director: Honored Worker of Kazakhstan, Askhat Maemirov

Genre: musical

Duration: 1 h. 20 min.

Age limit: no


The musical Shamshi, which reflects the life and work of the famous Kazakh composer, brings to the stage the combat, love and compositional aspects of the famous person. How the creative owner met the difficulties faced on the way of life, what philosophy he treated a person and society, how he conquered the swirls of feelings inside, the secrets of love, how he filtered out all these, gave birth to melodic songs that were born in a wave and shock, this is the main value of the performance for the audience.

Each of the Shamshi songs performed during the performance is a unique idea of the author, a different story that took place in his life. The touching world of a person who has become a song captivates the viewer, touches his love and kindness in the depths of his heart, awakens moral and noble qualities that are imbued with intelligence.

 The musical theater of the young spectator aims to stimulate the imagination of talented teenagers and children who are interested in the path of art through the musical" Shamshi", to interest and Wing them in art. We hope that the young audience, watching the performance, will look at Shamshi kaldayakov's work and see that the price of sacred art on a difficult life path is so powerful and pure that it is worth dedicating the life of mankind. 


"I Don't Know," He Said.

Composer Shamshi-Sultan Kenshilik, Azamat Bolatov

"I Don't Know," She Said.

Father-Armat Amandyk, Alikhan Alisher

Mother-Zamira SAP, Aiza Zulkarnay

Akhmet Zhubanov-Elaman Imanbayev, Abzal Arapov

Sagynysh-Sabira Sugirova, Diana Askar

Zharas-Akedil Imangali, Sundetkhan Duisehan

Friends of zharas-Magzhan Omar, Suyunbay Sagynbay

Jockey-Yernazar Zhanatilek, Talgat Kenes

Assistant jockey-Zhasulan Abdrakhman, Magzhan Omar

Mukagali Makatayev-Mukhamedsaid Bagasharov, Bakdaulet Oralov

Roza Baglanova-Makpal Duysen

Abilakhat Espayev-Akkanat Kuandykov, Dinislam Nurmaganbetov

Tolegen Aybergenov – Didar Tulegenov, Bibol Baigarayev

Zhumeken Nazhimedenov-Shalkar Muraltay, Alisher Ismailov

Akan Seri-Orazaly Igilik, Nurzhan Tynybek

Isolda-Guldana Abdysakdik, Dana Vereshchak

Yanko-Kazbek Eskara