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Мениң билән муңдашқин

Мениң билән муңдашқинVenue: Republican State Academic Uighur Musical Comedy Theater named after K.Kuzhamyrov. - address: Almaty, Nauryzbai batyr str., 83

Premiere date: November 24, 2022

Author: Gulbakhar Nasirova

Director: Elek Nursultan

The actors: Dilshat Amanbayev, Halmurat Munarov, Risam Mamutov, Nazugum Tairova, Emina Rakhmetzhan

Genre: Poetic drama

Duration: 1 hour, 20 minutes

This 2022, the prominent Uighur poet Ilya Bakhtiy would have turned 90 years old. In honor of the celebration of this memorable date, a musical and poetic performance "Menin bilan mundashkin..." ("Talk to me...") by Gulbakhar Nasirova was being prepared in the Uyghur theater. The director of the production is one of the young talented directors of our republic, Elik Nursultan.  Ilya Bakhtia – forever remains a mystery man with a tragic fate. Not much has been written about this poet.

Mukagali Makatayev's friend Ilya studied in the village, graduated from the Kazakh school, the Faculty of Kazakh language and Literature of the Almaty Pedagogical Institute named after Abai.  At the same time, Ilya admired Abai, a genius, and considered him a teacher. Makataev and Bakhtia studied together at the Literary Institute in Moscow.  Ilya Bakhtia lived a life full of difficulties. Although the poet lived for many years without having his own home and work, he was never disappointed in life and never complained. Because creativity was important to him. The poet became a victim of the Communist Party, in which he believed and was a member of the Communist Party.

 The poet's life — his tossing, heartache, love, poems — and its tragic denouement are lived in one breath by the actors on stage and the audience in the hall. Different poems, different styles, different facets of art are combined in the performance to show how different Ilya Bakhtiy was.