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Мәжнун жигитләр

Мәжнун жигитләр

Venue: Republican State Academic Uighur Musical Comedy Theater named after K.Kuzhamyarov. - address: Almaty, Nauryzbai batyr str., 83

Authors: Bakkozha Mukai

Director:  Azizzhan Iskanderov

The actors:  S. Sharipova, A. Usenova, U. Kasymov, T. Iliev, M. Varisov, K. Yusupov.

Genre: Comedy

Duration: 100 minutes

Age restriction:  14+



Comedy Backskins Mukaya "The Horsemen in Love" is a work about complex human relationships that take place in real realities.  The main character of the comedy Cyrus, due to the fact that she did not get married at a young age, was called an "old maid". She wants to find happiness and love in her life. Because of her father's high positions, there are always guys like Jean, Baybol and Nurbek near her. However, none of the three guys loves the girl sincerely, they are looking for their own benefit in the high status of her father. They are ready to do anything to achieve the goal. But in the soul of the girl lives a mysterious love for the image she invented... In the finale of the play, the selfish thoughts of young people become obvious to the girl, then she meets a lover from her imagination...