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Still alive Nasreddin Hodja

Author: Т. Nurmagambetov

Premiere day:

Director: О. Kenebayev, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Production designer: M. Saparov

Composer: А. Raimkulova

Choreographer: G. Mukhamedzhanova

Genre: Two-part musical comedy

Duration: 2 hours.

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Hodja Nasreddin - folk character of the Muslim East, and some peoples of the Mediterranean, the hero of short humorous and satirical skits and jokes, and sometimes even domestic stories. In performance, the businessmen who want to get rich by selling Hodja Nasreddin ... Strife of the representatives of the Turkic people, who came to take away the "common" ancestor to their country ...  Situations in which turned out to Hodja Nasreddin - opens the basic idea of the play and of the performance: on the earth quite a few nation who have lost their language, religion, mentality. XXI Century - how Turkic people came to the century of globalization, how social being has changed? What they found on this way and lost? What is the present appearance of the Turkic world? The performance gives a laugh and at the same time makes you think about the present and the future of our state, of the whole Turkic people.