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Қиялдың ғаламына. Премьера!

Қиялдың ғаламына

Venue:  Astana, Ilyas Yesenberlin str., 10, Zhastar Theater

The author of the play: N. Orazalin

Premiere Day: 

Director: Shyngys Zhakypbay 

Genre: lyrical drama





All of us having weighed ourselves down with everyday affairs and worrying about them, often do not pay proper attention to our family and soul mates.Why having known about that happiness is not in wealth and career but in unity and harmony, the source of which is in the love between spouses, we do often forget about it?Family values are values that take ages.They should be in first place.This performance the main idea of which is humanity and sincerity, guides viewers to different thoughts.