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In the realm of reason

Venue: Astana, Ilyas Yesenberlin Street, 10, zhastar theater

Author: A. Auezkhanuly 

Premiere date: May, 2016

Director: Beibut Kusanbayev

Genre: Fairy tale

Duration: 1 hour 15 min

Age category: 5+




In history, there are many persons who have lost their way because of the fulfillment of the wishes of their loved ones. Who would you choose if there was a choice between close friends and a beloved wife? Thehusbandistheheadofthehouse, butthewifeistheneck - andtheneckmovesthehead. Will the Lord listen to his beloved wife and build a palace made of bird bones? We will know about this in nearest future.

            This performance teaches kindness, compassion and charity, as well as gives a good example for little spectators.