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Поэтический вечер Марии Матвейчук «Скажи: люблю»

Venue: Almaty, Abylai Khan Ave., 38. TYUZ im. Musrepova
Date: May 1, 2023

Beginning: 19:00

Duration: 2 hours + intermission 10 minutes

Parking space: 

Age restriction: 12+


"The girl who conquered the hearts of millions of viewers with her readings is coming to Kazakhstan!



Maria will perform for the first time with a big concert in Almaty!

At the poetry evening "Say: I Love" you will hear poems by M. Tsvetaeva, A. Akhmatova, V. Tushnova, R. Rozhdestvensky, E. Asadov, Z. Markina, Ya. Mkr and many other classics and contemporaries of poetry. In a lively, bright and artistic performance of a beautiful reader, these poems will find life on the stage of the Gabit Musrepov Theater for Young Spectators. All poems will be united by a wonderful feeling - a feeling of love!

The evening will be accompanied by a talented composer - Martin Margaryan, who has been specially writing music for Maria's readings for a long time!

The poet Aisina Shuklina wrote a poem after attending Maria's party:

"I hear with your voice

Tsvetaeva 's pen,

Akhmatova 's steps,

and Asadov 's pain

they live in the works anew,

intertwining into notes and words...

so every verse in the melodies is ringing,

changes difficulties to the simplicity of chamomile

And I'm sitting, and I have goosebumps

everyone, not just me"