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Мюзикл «Джулия»

мюзикл джулия Location: Almaty, prospect Al-Farabi, 30 Almaty Theatre



Date: from December 26, 2022 to January 8, 2023.

Genre: musical

Duration: 120 minutes

Higher education:





"Julia" is a musical based on the best hits of the legendary group A'studio. At the same time, the story is based on a story that tells in the language, dedicated to the love of people in our world - in the language of love and music. The leitmotif of the musical will be in the memory of the past, the Witch of it will be transferred to the event of our time, as well as will be expanded in every way and help to give in to the current interest of the soul. "Julia" — this is the main source of emotions: laughter, nostalgia, inspiration and desire to create and improve the situation. Everyone loves to be loved-to be loved in this way, to be loved by people, to be loved by heroes.

It is not a chance to become an artist of the Kazakh musical, which will come to history!