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Cartoon Music Concert

2022 / 2023                   Kulyash Baiseitova Chamber Hall                the 10th Season

23 April * Sunday * 2.00 pm


Cartoon Music Concert


(Music from Beloved Cartoons)


Running time: 1 hour

Management reserves the right to substitute performers and works performed


On 23 April children and their parents are invited to the Chamber Hall of the Astana Opera House to meet singing characters from the beloved cartoons.  

         The video accompanying the artists’ performances will remind guests of famous Soviet cartoons: Well, Just You Wait!, Umka, Chunga-Changa, Cheburashka and Gena the Crocodile, Leopold the Cat, The Bremen Town Musicians, Prostokvashino, 38 Parrots, Beware of the Monkeys!, How the Little Lion and the Turtle Sang a Song, Winnie-the-Pooh, etc.


The concert features soloists and Chamber Orchestra of the Astana Opera House.

Author of the Project and Conductor: Alikhan Idrisov.