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G. Donizetti «L'elisir d'amore» KNOBT after Abay

Date: April 22, 2023

Time: 18:00

Genre: opera

Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes

Age limit: 7+

Parking: no

Additionally: Opera performed in Italian with synchronized Kazakh and Russian subtitles

The performance has one intermission


Gaetano Donizetti


opera in 2 acts

Libretto by F. Romani

Symphony Orchestra and Chorus of the Kazakh National Opera and Ballet Theatre after Abay

Conductor – Rustem Kabylbay

Production Team:

Stage Director - Lyailim Imangazina, Honored Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Production Designer - Vladimir Kuzhel, Honored Figure of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Costume Designer - Lyudmila Kuzhel

Chief Chorus Master – Aliya Temirbekova


Nemorino, a young peasant, is in love with Adina. She is attractive, and besides that – which Nemorino is fully convinced of – she is uncommonly smart and well read. And as for Adina? She might not be entirely indifferent to the charming shy lad. However, she only treats him with mockery and derision, as she does with all her other suitors.

How can he win her over? Nemorino can think of nothing else. He learns of a magic potion from the story of Tristan an Isolde, which Adina reads to the peasants. “The moment he drank the potion,” – he hears – “Isolde fell in love with him”. All the girls want the magic potion, but Nemorino wants it more than anyone else. He decides to find it at all costs.

A drumbeat is heard – soldiers under the command of sergeant Belcore are entering the village. The attention of the brave commander is immediately drawn to the pretty and lively Adina. He presents her with a bouquet of flowers, throwing Nemorino into throes of jealousy.

Belcore does not need to mull the matter over: he wants Adina to choose a wedding day! But the girl is not impressed with the sergeant’s self-confidence. She refuses his courting. Nemorino envies Adina’s courage – if only he could become as confident and bold! The peasants mock the unlucky lover.

Adina invites the soldiers and their commander to her farm. There they can rest and recharge. As for Nemorino, shouldn’t he go to the city – laughs the girl. They say his uncle is on his deathbed, he should take care not to lose his inheritance… But Adina’s heart gradually softens. Nemorino is unpretentious and good... But what can you do – she is so air-headed. She might like something today, and hate it tomorrow. The poor young man shouldn’t torture himself with love and he is better off forgetting her. Alas, the poor Nemorino is incapable of following good advice…

Unexpectedly, fortune smiles down on him. The whole village is abuzz with the appearance of a well-dressed man. The stranger is an itinerant medicine man named Dulcamara. The enterprising quack glibly advertises his skill in healing all sorts of ailments. You can search the whole universe – he assures – and fail to find a more skilled doctor. Moreover, he brings more than just medicine. In his possession is the rarest potion – a love elixir. And it is very reasonably priced.

The mixture sells very quickly. The unfortunate Nemorino too seeks the medicine man’s help. He needs the potion that has “charmed Isolde”. Without batting an eyelid, Dulcamara hands him a bottle of regular wine, and warns him that the “magic elixir” must be consumed only the next day. By that time, the swindler plans to be far away from this place.

The unsuspecting youth doesn’t know how to thank his saviour. He is too impatient, and he fails to wait a full day before drinking the contents of the bottle. To Nemorino’s delight, the “elixir” takes effect immediately… Surprised, Adina sees a change in Nemorino’s attitude. He is suddenly becomes cheerful, jokes and laughs, swings his arms. What has happened to him? He doesn’t even look her way. He publicly announces that by tomorrow morning he will be rid of his love… The arrival of the brave sergeant gives an idea of revenge to Adina. She promises to marry Belcore. However, he might have to wait, just a little. Five days, at most…

Unexpectedly, the sergeant receives orders to set out of the village come next morning. Chagrined by Nemorino’s indifference, Adina vows her faithfulness to the military man. And what is more, she agrees to celebrate their wedding on the same day. Nemorino sobers up immediately. Realising that he will lose his beloved forever, the wretched youth begs her to postpone the wedding, at least until tomorrow. He must have lost his mind, - laughs Adina, thinking that she can change her mind… The happy sergeant invites everyone present to the wedding.​

  • The current cast of performers is available on the official website of the theatre
  • The theatre reserves the right to make changes to the cast of performers
  • We kindly ask you to take seats in the auditorium according to the purchased tickets