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Красотка/Жас сахна

Venue: 117 Abaya Ave., Almaty, ZHAS SAKHNA Theater

The author of the play: Somerset Maugham

Director: Ivan Stavissky

Artist: Elena Rodina

Actors: Tatiana Tsoi (Honored Artist of the Republic of Kazakhstan), Orken Akhmet, Laula Akaral, Ayarys Daukaraev, Eskhat Zholtai, Tansholpan Kinzhembetova, Zhalgas Lesbayev, Aliya Maulymkhan, Aigerim Nurakhmetova, Nurbolat Rakhatov (Prize for the best male role), Shyngys Ras

Musical arrangement: Daniyar Satybaldiev

Genre: Comedy of endless matrimony

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes without intermission

Age restriction: 16+

Additionally: The performance is in Russian. A discount for pensioners and students is provided when BUYING a ticket at the ticket office in the presence of a pension certificate and a student ID!