Гауһартас - Система онлайн-покупки билетов в кино и на концерты
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Venue: musical theater of the young spectator, Astana, Zh. Omarova STR., 47B

Author of the play: D. Isabekov

Premiere date: the premiere of the performance will take place on February 16, 17, 19, 20, 2023

Director: A. Maemirov

Genre: music drama

Duration: 2 hour 20 min

Age limit: 6+

Additional: Premiere


Gaukhartas is a musical drama that reveals the secrets of a simple peasant family in the Kazakh steppe from 1975 to the present day. Two brothers with a different upbringing, harsh and kind, clash with their characters.

Family matters are further complicated by arriaval of a new bride named Saltanat who has a passion for singing and silky character.

Not only love between two young people takes place in the drama, but there also are two different loves. The first was Saltanat's love for her husband, Tastan, and the second: was Kairken's unconditional love for Saltanat, his sister-in-law...