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Алғашқы махаббат

Venue: Astana, Ilyas Yesenberlin STR., 10, Zhastar theater

Premiere date: September, 2014

Director: Dauren Sergazin - Honored Worker of Kazakhstan

Actors: Nurlybek Tolegen, Daniyar Orazayev, Madina Mai and others.

Genre: comedy

Duration: 1 hour 50 min




The first love is one of the most valuable feelings in a person's life.Recalling the first love, we cherish in our hearts an never-dying feeling of nostalgia for childhood and adolescence.However, it is not a secret that the memory of the first love does not cause a sense of frustration, but elicits a smile. Everything is due to the fact that someone was in love with a neighbour; someone loved a seatmate, and someone loved the teacher...

This performance that describes a school life is so similar to the events that happened to you and that is why it is so dear to the heart of the viewer.